Tracking Number Fedex Not Working


Tracking Number Fedex Not Working – When you shop online, you will certainly be given the number of Sage packages which have been sent by the seller to check delivery status for packages that you ordered.

The problem is when you start to check the receipt number, it turns out that the data was not found. This often makes us panic and wonder. What is the wrong writing the number of Sage or Rishi fake?


The following are some of the reasons that caused the Tracking Number Fedex Not Working?

Tracking Number Fedex Not Working

Sage packages Fedex has not yet been entered into the data center for Fedex.

Usually Fedex Center update data of Sage packages start at midnight and is usuallyin the morning, the sages Fedex can already see and check its status.

Tracking Number Fedex Not Working

Wrong number of Sage writing fedex.

If within 1 x 24 hours, Rishi fedex can’t be found, it could be that when you check the Sage writing error turns out fedex as less letters or numbers or spaces in the Sage so that the data could not be found.


Or, the seller who gave Sage an error in writing. If put it this way, you can get back the correct receipt number to the seller and if necessary ask for proof of the photo stroke shipping fedex receipt of your package to match.

Fedex server down.

When the Sage package when you check all of a sudden the Sage is not found, whereas before there were data on process normally because the server is down because of the fullness of data to fedex or are there any improvements.

You can try to check the Sage jne sometime later to the fedex website normally. That time I‘ve experienced anything like this, and then when I ask to cs fedex, they told me it was there the fedex maintenance or repair for a while..

Maybe this is causing Tracking Number Fedex Not Working hope can help..