Solutions Of How To Print Fedex Labels On Zebra Printer

Solutions Of How To Print Fedex Labels On Zebra Printer – Probably this is your first time to print labels on zebra printer, and look for some ways of how to print fedex labels on zebra printer.

Making sure that you can print fedex labels with zebra printer seamlessly, you need to download and install the driver of zebra printer. In addition, check the compatibility of your another device with the printer.

When you are done with the installation of zebra printer driver, that is the time for you to integrate fedex ship manager apps with the printer driver, thus the two can work together, and you can print the fedex labels.

Certainly you have to follow some steps to configure the printer driver and fedex ship manager apps.


How to do it? On the contrary of what you may think, it is not the daunting. And prior you are looking for ways of how to print fedex labels on zebra printer, ensure that you apply the installation of fedex ship manager by following the steps below..

Solutions Of How To Print Fedex Labels On Zebra Printer

  • You have to open fedex ship manager application.
  • Click system setting from tool bar menu, and then locate the customize menu until you finally find system setting.
  • Click modify after you pick the right amount of system number.
  • Then choose something like, 2– fedex customer admin.
  • Find set default printer section to click browse, and then pick the installed printer driver. After you are done, hit OK button.
  • Another OK, if you want to exit from the system setting. Next, go to the printer setup, and the last one is test printer when you complete anything that is necessary.

As you want to know how to print fedex labels on zebra printer, making sure that you have no issues when it comes to load the labels on the printer, because it will turn pointless if you are.see also Basic Guidelines On How To Integrate Fedex Shipping In Website

During the shipment, the possibility of the rolls to get dusty and dirty, is there. That is the reason why you have to apply proper preparation, and apprehend the know-how of loading the labels to the printer. These are things to do at times you want to print fedex labels using zebra printer,

  • Pull the release levers to the front printer in order to open the printer.
  • When you find the media hanger on the left, move it to the side.
  • Position the media roll in certain way to make sure that the printing surface will face up anytime it passes through the platen.
  • Now, you need to lower the roll in the midst of the hangers, so then, you can release the left-sided hanger to the core.

Anytime you finish those steps above, below are another things you have to do to load the labels to your zebra printer,

  • Confirm the core rest. Note, pay attention toward the rolls to avoid it staying underside the media compartment.
  • Through the label guides you can pass the labels.
  • If it is necessary customize the position of the label guides.
  • Push feed button, and close its cover.

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