Post office in Oklahoma 73125 full hours Phone Number Reviews

All the staff I met here are very helpful and nice. I am so naive in mailing and less info with usps services, and they assisted me well.

Jill Thompson
This is my favorite post office. I go to this one all the time. They have the most friendly & the most helpful employees.

Usps in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Maps

Address: 4025 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73125, United States


Hours: full hours

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office in Oklahoma 73125 Reviews

Renaul h
Worked for postal service for years- this location has the most illegal and unprofessional business practices. Myong Kem, Cheryl Williamson and union members are purposely not representing workers to get employees fired. Paying union members are being denied union representation. Union leaders are not submitting grievances and not showing up to EEO proceedings.


Adriana Wendland
Not only they don’t sell any of the items that you can get at other post offices, but also they don’t replenish the shelves with items they offer. Rudely asking a client “what you want?”, leaning over the desk..acting like they are there as a form of punishment. Sir, if you don’t like and respect your job – please leave.

Drove all the way out here and they are randomly closed?? No signage or anything explaining the early closure either. People were confused and standing outside. The doors were all open but the metal gate was down on the counter. I was just here a couple weeks ago, later than this, and they were open. This is the only post office that is open in the city today. What is going on USPS???