How to Track a FedEx Package by Phone

How to Track a FedEx Package by Phone – FedEx can be defined as one of the best shipping service providers that can definitely help you to deliver your package wherever you want to.

This particular company is actually so determined to give you the best things thatsuit your requirements and expectations in the best way possible.

This nice fact can be proven when you notice great conveniences it can offer to you, which one of them is the FedEx Tracking Service.

This service will be focused on providing you the easy access which allows you to track the progress of your package anytime.


Even better, this service is available for you by phone as well. Then, in case you want to get this kind of service, you better do these several options of How to Track a FedEx Package by Phone below.Related posts How to Track a FEDEX SmartPost Package Online

How to Track a FedEx Package by Phone

  • Track the package through email

One of many ways of how to track a fedex package by phone that you can do is to track the package through the email notification using your smart device.

You can get this kind of email once you have delivered your package by FedEx shipping service which can be like FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, Freights, and so on.


So, when you have got the email, you better open it as soon as possible. Afterward, you will find that there is a tracking menu that you can click.Related posts How to Return a FEDEX Package to Sender

This menu actually will link you to the website of FedEx that will show you all information that you need related to the package shipment. So, you will be able to find out where your package is and when it will arrive to your location.

  • Go to using your smartphones

Moreover, it is such avery nice idea for you to track your FedEx package online by visiting the site of FedEx using your smartphones.

This way of how to track a fedex package by phonecan also show you the real time package tracking report that you really want to know.

Well, in case you are so willing to do this way to track your package,you better know that it will require you to input a specific unique number that you get from the email notification you have received from FedEx, which is called as tracking number.Related posts How To Track a Package By Address On FEDEX

Then, that is the reason why it is important for you make sure that you have your tracking number in your hand before you do the tracking process for real.

Then, you also have to ensure that you input the numbers carefully so that you will never input the wrong numbers that can make you not able to track your package at all.

  • Call FedEx customer service

Furthermore, you can try to contact the customer service of FedEx by calling 1.800.463.3339 (1.800.GoFedEx) in case the online tracking does not work for you.

This way of how to track a fedex package by phone can also be a great option you can do in order to get any information of your package shipment.

Aside of that, they can always give you solution for any problems that happen to your shipment. Related posts How to Report a Missing Package to FEDEX