How To Stop A Package From Being Delivered Fedex

How to stop a package from being delivered fedex – Right now, you may think that is not important to know package from being delivered fedex until you deal with certain incident that forces you to request fedex to send back the package to you.

Some years ago it was impossible to ask package delivery services companies to stop  the package from being delivered, not any longer, despite some terms and conditions apply,

  1. Ensure that you directly send your request to stop fedex package from being delivered or you can’t catch back the package. In short, pay attention toward the time you put the request of Return To Sender services . This service is only available first, if the package still stays on its transit, and second, it isn’t yet arrive on its final destination or at least on the second place of its transit.
  2. Know how much cost that you need to pay for the services.

You can’t expect for the refund for the RTS service, however, you need to pay for the services, sometimes it is way more expensive.Related posts How Much Does It Cost To Fedex A Package Overnight

How To Stop A Package From Being Delivered Fedex


That is why, closely check anything related to your shipment such as the address and the person who will receive the package.Related posts How To Track A Fedex Package With A Tracking Number

For instance, if you are online sellers, except you create such a rule where your buyers can pay the merchandise on the spot, assure that there is no problem when it comes to the payment.

Another reason why you have to request a package from being delivered is that, you wrongly send the product that should be sent.

No guarantee that a package can be stopped one for some reasons, below are some things you can do of how to stop a package from being delivered fedex to its destination.


It can be so frustrating once you realized that there is some issues involved toward your shipment, fear not, how to stop a package from being delivered fedex will give clues, how to deal with the aforesaid circumstance,Related posts How to Track a FedEx Package With a Door Tag Number

  • You need your tracking number to proceed the request
  • Using your tracking number, you can dial 1-800-GO-FEDEX to order return to sender services, therefore you can have your product back.

Another way of how to stop a package from being delivered fedex to the certain destination, you can,

  • Request fedex to hold your shipment for some time until you give them another specific time and address where the package should be delivered. This service is free. However, make sure that you still keep the tracking number with you.
  • Cancel the shipment is viable as well. Good thing that you can do it online. Find fedex ship manager to cancel the shipment. Locate ship history, and then hit cancel to stop the product to be shipped to the address that you wrote on the package.

Some changes corresponding on how to stop a package from being delivered may apply as fedex update the information for better services to enhance customers satisfaction.

For that reason, once awhile check their website to look for the newest information related to package delivery services.Related posts How to Find Your FedEx Tracking Number Easily