How to Find Out Who Sent You a FedEx Package

How to Find Out Who Sent You a FedEx Package – FedEx has been known well as an awesome shipping company that will definitely do their best in order to deliver and pick up your stuff on the right time without making any damages.

It can even give you its best services, which can be FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, Freights, FedEx Overnight, and many more still, so that it can fit your requirements so well.

So, FedEx can definitely be your very great partner every time you want to get your package as soon as possible.

Even, you can also trust FedEx because it can be so much better as FedEx can tell you who the sender of the package you get in case you need that kind of information.


Thus, do you know how to find out who sent you a fedex package? Let’s find out the answers below.Related posts How to Track a FedEx Package by Phone

How to Find Out Who Sent You a FedEx Package

  • Figure it out on the tracking report

One of the ways of how to find out who sent you a fedex package you worth to try when you want to get any information about the package delivered to you.

Well, all you have to do in this case is that you just need to track the package as usual as you have received the notification email from FedEx.Related posts How to Track a FEDEX SmartPost Package Online 


Then, the next thing you have to do is to click the Tracking Menu button that you can see on the screen while you are opening the email.

By doing so, you will automatically get linked to the official site FedEx which will inform you with many things related to the package shipment.

  • Contact the FedEx call center

When you find that the package tracking report can work well as you expect, it is so much recommended for you to contact the call center of FedEx by dialing 1.800.463.3339 (1.800. GoFedEx).

The customer service of FedEx will always be able to help you out of this problem. You can start this way of how to find out who sent you a fedex package by asking them about the information of the sender of the package politely.Related posts How to Return a FEDEX Package to Sender

Then, you will find that they tell you not only who the package is from, but also where the package is and when it will arrive in your location.

So, you do not need to waste your time and energy in order to know everything about the packagethat is sent to you.

  • Just wait the package comes to you

Moreover, if you find that yourself have a very busy day so that you do not have time to check the package tracking report or call the FedEx customer service, you can actually just wait for the package until it arrives in your location.

By doing this way of how to find out who sent you a fedex package, you will finally be able to find out who has delivered the package to you even though it require a longer time to take.

Yet, it can be worthy especially if the package is a special thing that you really want to own.Related posts How To Track a Package By Address On FEDEX