How Much Does It Cost To Fedex A Package Overnight

How much does it cost to fedex a package overnight – Offer you convenience when it comes to delivery services, fedex provides its users some shipping alternatives that you can choose based on your need. One of them is package overnight delivery.

But before you are asking how much does it cost to fedex a package overnight, it is important to identify your option for overnight delivery, thus you can learn which option that meets your requirements, nevertheless, your options are,

  1. Fedex standard overnight which delivery time is 3pm.
  2. Fedex prioritry overnight which delivery time is 10.30 am.
  3. Fedex first overnight which delivery time is varied from 8.30 am to 10.00am.

However for some reasons, such as, distance and the location of shipment some fedex delivery services which are originally not overnight delivery turn into overnight delivery.


How Much Does It Cost To Fedex A Package Overnight

To know how much does it cost to fedex a package overnight, there are several variables, including, the destination, the weight of the package,your special needs for the delivery and some other more.Related posts How To Track A Fedex Package With A Tracking Number

However, if you want to know a package overnight delivery service which is more affordable within those above mentioned, then it is fedex standard overnight.

In fact, this is a worth considering delivery solution  if your package is not that tight in deadline or you have no problem about your bundle that will be shipped in the afternoon.

Get yourself information related to the cost that you need to pay for package overnight, fedex rate tool will be your savior, since it eases you to calculate your package overnight expense immediately. Find the rate tool application if you want to start the cost calculation right now.


Look further for the ways to determine how much does it cost to fedex a package overnight, rate tool application is not the only one. You find another comparison through shipping quote that is split to,Related posts How to Track a FedEx Package With a Door Tag Number

  • Quick quote, this is a quote service that caters you quote information and not requires you to put any description toward your package. Also you will obtain some information for related transit time. Get yourself quick quote, you need to go first to shipment information and also ship from/to pages, and fill any necessary information that is required.
  • Detailed quote is the opposite of quick quote. You have to put detailed description related to your package. Though detailed quote is not always needed, you may need to consider this one at time you consider international shipping. To make the detailed quote service is accessible for you, ensure that you enter the details of your shipment and package. Not to mention, it i important that you complete additional services selections section.

Determine fedex package overnight, aside from knowing how much does it cost to fedex a package overnight, ensure that you learn as well about the restriction of package size and weight to cut down your hassles anytime you think about shipping your package.


Find out about the recent rate changes for the shipping. Therefore you can predict how significant it will affect your business.

Have questions on mind about the application of the newest rate, take some time to visit their FAQ section.Related posts How to Find Your FedEx Tracking Number Easily